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Sky Bet Boost Loyalty Stamps In November

Visit SkybetWager at Sky Bet throughout November and you can earn extra loyalty stamps towards free bets or discounts on your Sky subscription.

For each £10 you wager, you usually earn a daily loyalty stamp – and five stamps are worth £5 off of your Sky bill or £5 in free bets.

You can earn up to £20 in any one month – but in November it’s a little easier than usual.

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That is because, if you bet £5 or more on any Sky-televised Premiership match before kick-off, you’ll get an extra stamp.

Bet £10 and you’ll qualify for both the normal loyalty stamp, and this temporary bonus – potentially halving the time it takes to reach your full £20 discount for the month.

Don’t panic if the stamp doesn’t appear in your account immediately, either – it could take up to 48 hours to be approved and deposited into your account, so it most likely won’t be there within seconds of the final whistle blowing.

Only one stamp can be earned per televised Premiership match – but if Sky have two matches on any one day, you can earn a stamp on each by placing separate qualifying bets, or three or more if it’s a particularly packed schedule.

However, remember that these stamps count towards the same maximum discount – so if you’ve already earned 20 stamps for £20 of free bets or a £20 bill discount, it’s not worth playing for more.

And it’s worth checking back with Sky Bet to see if they’re running the promotion into next month too, as long as they continue to televise Premiership matches – something only extreme weather conditions are likely to interrupt.

With no specific end date for the promo, it could continue to run on a month by month basis for the foreseeable future, giving you free bets and discounted bills right through until the end of the season.

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