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Both Teams to Score Tips

If you are looking for Both Teams to Score Tips we have you covered! See our latest Both Teams to Score tips and previews here.

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Both Teams to ScoreWhen Both Teams Score its Goals Galore!

The Both Teams to Score football bet has become very popular in the last couple of years, and it’s not hard to see why this bet has become a favourite of the football punter.

While the bet is very exciting and a fun way to bet on football, if you do a little research and follow the right strategy it can be a very profitable wager, bringing regular success.

This guide is if aimed firstly at making you familiar with Both Teams to Score, and progresses into a strategy guide to help you on your way to making regular returns on this football betting market.

So What is Both Teams to Score?

It’s a very simple yet exciting bet that has only been around for a couple of years, but is now more popular than ever. The aim of this bet is to select and bet on football matches in which you think both teams will score a goal. The actual score of the game is not important. The only necessity is that both teams score at least one goal.

How many matches you choose to predict is completely down to you. As with familiar match odds football betting, you can combine your selections into any kind of multiple bet; including doubles, trebles, patents, Yankees etc.

As both teams in every match you select must score, the lowest possible score for a selection to win is 1-1. As mentioned, anything above this score is unimportant. It doesn’t matter which order the goals are scored in the slightest. I can recall a bet I placed which was 5-0 until the 90th minute and luckily the losing team grabbed a consolation deep into injury time to make it 5-1 and a winning bet!

Both Teams To Score Rules

All bookmakers have their own guidelines on how to place a bet, but these are generally generic rules that you can spend all day reading without really understanding. The rules for the both teams to score bet are very simply explained here:

  • Both teams must score in all selected games to be deemed as a winner
  • Extra time and penalties do not count towards this bet (90 minutes + injury time only)
  • Singles and upwards are accepted
  • Postponed/abandoned matches will be removed from your bet but the remaining selections WILL stand

How much can you win on Both Teams to Score?

How much you win is completely dependent on how many selections you make in your bet. Bookmakers set the odds for each individual match in this betting market, with prices generally ranging from 4/9 – 11/10 on a both teams to score outcome, depending on which teams are playing each other.

The more selections you combine in an accumulator or similar bet will increase your possible return on a winning bet.

Bookmakers generally take the view that the very best teams playing the very worst teams will not be conducive to both teams scoring, therefore making these games more attractively priced.

Here are some example odds taken from Betfred’s ‘Goals Galore’ coupon to give you an idea of just how much you can win:

Goals Galore Odds List

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Both Teams To Score Strategy

Everyone will have their own strategy on how to pick winning selections, which adds to the fun of this exciting bet, but we do have a few important hints that you should follow if winning on a regular basis is what you require. The strategy information below, as well as our frequent Goals Galore tips will help you do just that.

Recent Form

Teams are only as good as their last few games. Before placing your bet, check both teams have been getting amongst the goals. A team can go in and out of form very quickly, so it is important to pay most attention to the last 5 or so games played by both teams and check that they appear able to score goals at the very least.

Team News

Knowing that the best players are available for duty in the matches that you are considering betting on is of paramount importance. Recent form amounts to nothing if a teams star striker was injured in the last game and is unavailable for selection.

Likewise if a key playmaker is injured or suspended, this could severely reduce the amount of goal scoring opportunities created in a match.

Check the goalkeepers. An inexperienced or largely unused keeper is more likely to concede goals. Similarly, if a couple of regular first team defenders are injured/banned, many teams will fail to cover their position adequately.

League Positions

Matches played between similar mid-table teams are proven to be more successful for this bet, as are struggling teams playing each other.

Just the fact that teams are in mid division proves that they are capable of both scoring and conceding goals without necessarily being a dominant force in either department.

Teams towards the foot of the table that play each other also produce plenty of goals, as both teams approach these games with a ‘must win’ mentality, often resulting in high scoring games.

Games to generally steer clear of are top of the table clashes, which are usually played with more cautious tactics and less goals. Top versus bottom clashes are also games to avoid for obvious reasons.

Head to Head results

This is by no means one of the most important factors to look out for in this bet, but sometimes it may pay to just check the last few years of fixtures between the two clubs.

There are some teams that just compliment each others playing styles, making for a fantastic game with lots of goalmouth action. There are also others that tend to be drab affairs without much action at either end.

So to summarise, here are the important factors for the both teams to score selection process:

  1. Recent form (both teams)
  2. Team news (injuries and suspensions)
  3. League positions (mid table and bottom of the table clashes produce best results)
  4. Head to head results

In no time at all you will be using these factors naturally without having to think. If you use this process to make your selections you WILL see your profits increase with a larger number of winning selections.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our Goals Galore tips, as we use this selection process in all of our bets and have had some great success!

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