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Betfair Cash Out Used 1.3m times in October

Betfair’s Cash Out option helped over 1.3 million people to settle their bets early in October – and you can continue to take advantage of the offer in November.

Cash Out brings in-play betting full circle, allowing you to settle bets early based on the odds available at the time.

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For instance, if you bet on a football team to win their match, and they take a sizeable lead, you might be offered a certain amount to settle the bet early, at slightly less than the full odds at which your bet was staked.

If the opposing team get a goal back, your offer will drop accordingly – but if they draw level before you cash out, and the game ends in a draw or a loss, you will lose your bet as normal.

The trick is to know when to cash out, in order to secure the best odds on your wager, but without giving up too much of your full potential return.
In October, 1,330,821 people used Cash Out at Betfair – and if you plan to use it in November, there’s a prize draw you can opt into.

Simply opt in on the site, and each time you cash out, you’ll earn yourself another entry into the draw.

Every day of November, 100 £10 prizes will be awarded, with a £2,000 grand prize also due to be awarded.

That means, even if you cash out at the wrong moment and lose out on your full possible payout, you could still bag yourself a £10 consolation prize.

Or if you’re the lucky punter who walks away with the £2,000 jackpot at the end of the month, you might feel rightfully pleased with your decision to use Cash Out – even if it seemed like a bad call at the time.

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