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Football Betting Tips

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Football Bookmakers

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FootballA Betting Guide for making Regular Profits

Football betting is the 2nd most popular sport in the UK to gamble on behind horse racing, and in my opinion is much easier to win with. I have been betting on sports for over 20 years, but in the last 5 or 6 of those, I have purely been concentrating on football. So how exactly do you win at football betting?

There is no get rich quick system when it comes to any form of gambling, it is a complete myth. But there are a number of ways you can begin to tip the odds in your favour.

Here are the most important factors when it comes to making regular profits when betting on football:

Get the right information

Successful betting is all about using the information available to you to your own advantage, and it’s no different in football. There are many important factors to look at before parting with your money.

Team news – A team is only as good as the players that are on the field. Check for injuries, suspensions etc. Bookmakers do their research in order to set odds, so you need to counteract this by making sure you know what is going on before they do.

An alarming number of punters place their bet without ever checking if teams top players are fit. An injured first choice keeper or top goalscorer will dramatically reduce the chances of continued success.

One of the best resources for finding team news is via Twitter. Up to an hour before kick off team news will start flooding social media. Club’s official Twitter accounts will post this information for every game.

Injuries and suspensions can be found via official websites for each team as well as football sites like

Form – Just like horse racing, you have to check the form. Recent form is the most important, say each teams last 5 games. Check how many goals are scored and conceded. Check who is scoring the goals. Check the strength of the opposition. It sounds labour intensive but it really does take seconds.

Head to heads – This isn’t as important as the above factors but if you want to win at football betting, it’s something you need to take note of. Many teams have opposition that they just never seem to have any luck against. This may be down to contrasting tactics, a psychological barrier or something else, but is certainly exists.

How much to bet on Football?

This is where the majority of people really fail. Have you ever had a bet that won and you wished you had more on it? And likewise have you ever had a bet that lost that you feel you bet too much on? These are common mistakes that need to be addressed. But how?… A staking plan and discipline is what you need to start making money on football betting.

The linked article above will show you how to stake your bets wisely and carefully, with all bets placed using a points system.

It will also teach you to discipline your betting behaviour. Chasing losing bets and over staking are the biggest factors when it comes to unsuccessful betting.

If you want to win at football betting, a good staking plan and discipline is an absolute must.

Getting the right Odds

Overlooked by many, you are simply giving yourself a raw deal if you don’t take the best odds available. Betting online is so easy, and there is no excuse for having just one betting account.

By using a single bookmaker you are simply making do with the odds available. There are many odds comparison websites on the net that cover all of the UK’s top bookies, and I would strongly advise that you have betting accounts with at least 5 top online bookies if you are really serious about making regular profit from football betting.

Odds for a particular football betting market can vary by up to 20% from bookie to bookie, so it always pays to maximize your potential profit by taking the best price available.

I hope this guide has given you the information required to make regular profits on football betting, or at the very least given you a few pointers in the right direction. If you need any additional help, or have any queries regarding this or any other post on the site, please feel free to contact me, and I will respond promptly.

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