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Up to £1000 cashback at Betfair

Visit BetfairHere is a great offer from Betfair. New customers signing up can receive up to £1000 in cashback just for betting at Betfair. Whether you win or lose, all bets count towards you earning up to a huge £1000 in free cash!

Getting started with this offer couldn’t be easier:

  1. Sign up with Betfair
  2. Fund your account
  3. Start betting! The more you bet the more points you earn towards claiming your cashback
  4. After 30 days your points are added up and you will automatically receive up to £1000 cash!

Terms and conditions

  1. Your credit bonus will be based on the total number of Betfair Points you accumulate over your first 30 days of betting activity from the date of your registration (day 1).
  2. You earn Betfair Points every time you bet on a market. You will earn 1 Point for every £0.10 of commission paid (if you have net winnings) or implied commission (if you have a net loss). Betfair Points are awarded equally whether you win or lose.
  3. Your Betfair Points will be cumulative, for example if you earn 80 Points in your first week and then 1,000 Points in week 2, you will have 1,080 Points after two weeks of betting = £40 bonus.
  4. The credit bonus you receive will depend on the number of Betfair Points you accumulate in your first 30 days of betting.
Betfair points
Tiers Minimum Maximum Cashback amount
10 50,000 £1,000
9 25,000 49,999 £500
8 10,000 24,999 £250
7 5,000 9,999 £100
6 3,000 4,999 £75
5 2,000 2,999 £50
4 1,000 1,999 £40
3 500 999 £30
2 250 499 £20
1 100 249 £10

This is a fantastic offer as you are not penalised for winning. It is possible to claim £1000 cashback without even having a losing bet!

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