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Super 6 Soccer Saturday 23rd Feb with Sky Bet

Go To Super 6 EntryHave you made your predictions yet for this coming Soccer Saturday? You can predict for free with the Super 6 at Sky Bet, where you could win a huge £100,000 Jackpot or one of their weekly £5,000 guaranteed prizes.

Coming up this weekend in round 29 of the super 6 is –

  • Arsenal v Aston Villa
  • Queens Park Rangers v Manchester Untied
  • West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland
  • Norwich v Everton
  • Reading v Wigan
  • Blackburn v Leeds

In the super 6 scoring system it is all about the goals. You will pick up 2 points for correctly predicting the result of the game. For example, if you predict that Arsenal will beat Aston Villa 3-0, but they win 2-0 you will collect 2 points (as you correctly picked the result). However, if you get the score spot on you will receive the maximum of 5 points – so it really is all about picking the right score, where goals matter.

The golden goal will always come into play in the event of two or more people correctly selecting the same winning score. This is the only real way in which they can separate people who have the same total points, as there has got to be an outright winner.

Making your Predictions

It is pretty simple really, all you need to do is get your thinking cap on and predict the correct scores for the 6 matches listed above playing at the weekend. If you can correctly pick the 6 scores, you will win the £100k super 6 jackpot prize at Sky Bet.

If no one correctly predicts all 6 scores the £5,000 guaranteed weekly prize will go to the person who has the most points.

All super 6 games are chosen by Sky Bet and these can be from any domestic leagues, which include the SPL and international matches may also be used.

You must place you bet on the super 6 before the kick of the first game – otherwise you will miss out.

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