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Play Last Man Standing at Paddy Power

Visit Paddy PowerLast Man Standing gives you a new way to win at Paddy Power, and it all depends on how good you are at predicting Premiership match-winners.

For an entry fee of £2, you stand to win £2,000 if you outlast the other participants in each Last Man Standing tournament.

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To play, all you need to do is select a match-winning team from the upcoming round of Premier League fixtures.

If they win, or if the match is postponed or cancelled, you progress to the next round, along with any other contestants who chose correctly.

Your chosen team will then be removed from those available to you in future rounds – so you might not want to select table-topping teams too early in the process.

Once, and only once, you can select a team to win or draw, and still progress – but after you’ve played that joker, it’s wins only to keep you in the contest.

And as the name suggests, whoever makes it the most weeks without selecting a losing team will scoop the £2,000 jackpot.

There are a few extra rules, as always – in the rare event that more than one person makes it through 20 weeks of correct predictions, the full list of teams will be unlocked again to choose from.

You can’t skip a round, so if you’re late getting your selection made, you’ll be assigned the first team alphabetically on your remaining list.

And all selections must be in by noon on the first day of the week when there’s a fixture.

If it’s an evening kick-off starting at or after 7:45pm, you’ve got until 7pm to make your selection instead.

Finally, with the potential for several tournaments to run concurrently, you can join as many as you want – one starts each week.


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