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Paddy Power BetDash – Can you reach £1 Million?

Visit Paddy PowerPaddy Power are running a new sports betting game called ‘BetDash’. This is a huge social betting game, which will bring you hours of betting fun plus lots of competition from your friends and other players.

How does the BetDash sports game work?..

Paddy Power is giving you 10 days to turn £100,000 into a million, this may seem crazy but it’s all run on a virtual bankroll. You can place bets with your 100k on all your favourite sports such as Football, Cricket, Darts, Golf and many more.

You can either stake real money or try it for free, either way it will be a blast because there is so much you can do. To Start with you can buy in up to £50 and there are 5 different unlocked levels of bankroll bonuses to choose from but only 3 are unlocked for you to use.

I would suggest trying it out in free play mode to get the gist of how it all actually works but here is a brief guide to help you out.

You start off with £100,000 bankroll and the aim of the game is to reach a £1,000,000 bankroll within 10 days. Playing for free will have no prizes available its just all for fun but for example if you stake £25 at level 1 and your final bankroll at the end of the 10 day period is £1,000,000+ then you will win £125.

The bankroll bonuses are there to help you get to your £1,000,000 goal, if you choose level 1 you will start off with 300k in bankroll bonuses. One of the bonuses you can use is the 20k free bet, once used you will be left with 280k in bankroll bonuses, but as you can see the more bankroll bonus money that you have the better your chances of winning. Winning bets will.

You can also show off your football knowledge by challenging friends or other BetDash players.

Challenging other player is fun and simple at the same time, take a look at what other players have bet on and place challenge bets that you think will lose.

Step by Step Summary of the BetDash Sports Game

1. Sign up to the Bet Dash sports game through Paddy Power
2. Choose the amount you want to buy in
3. Choose your bankroll level and see what you can win.
4. Place bets on all your favourite sports
5. Reach a £1,000,000 bankroll within 10 days.

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