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The second Grand Slam event of 2015, The French Open,  gets under way at Roland Garros on May 24th and the tennis world will have all eyes cast to Paris for a fortnight of thrills and spills that can only be provided by the unique clay event.

With the worlds top players all battling out for the coveted trophies it should be another gripping Grand Slam in France. Will Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova retain their crowns, or will new names claim the title?

Whatever happens, The French Open offers an affluent environment for punters to win big. Here are our tips for ensuring the best chance of turning a profit:

French Open Betting – Study The Form

Roland Garros BettingWhether it’s a match winner or an overall champion, studying form and fitness is crucial to seeking value at any Grand Slam and this is particularly true with the unique surface at Roland Garros.

The clay season is a very specific and exciting part of the tennis calendar and is a surface that clearly suits some players better than others. In the men’s draw for example, Rafael Nadal is the undisputed King of Clay after winning a fifth straight title to take his career tally to a record nine victories in France, and knowing which players perform on the surface is essential.

As well as studying previous events at Roland Garros, it is well worth looking at this season’s clay form, particularly in the ATP events of Madrid and Rome. Britain’s Andy Murray claimed a fantastic win over Nadal in Spain before dropping out of the Italian event due to fatigue and could be a great outside shot to finally make an impact in France.

Blind betting is never a smart move and putting in the research can really pay off, especially in a two-outcome sport like tennis. There are plenty of websites and resources to check head-to-head results as well as recent form and news; you’d be a fool not to use them.

French Open Betting Promotions

As one of the four Grand Slams, the French Open is one of the biggest events in the tennis calendar and naturally attracts plenty of betting activity. With this in mind, competing bookmakers will be offering enhanced odds and other promotions in order to gain customers – this is an area which can be exploited to stunning results by the more astute punters.

It’s worth checking social media platforms for improved prices, money back specials and other great deals. Whilst there are bound to be plenty of promotions knocking around on overall winner selections in both the men’s and women’s events, it is also worth keeping an eye out for other outlets to boost potential profits.


Know The Markets

French Open BettingWhilst the majority of bets will naturally be placed on Match Winner and Tournament Winner markets, there are dozens of other available options that wil regularly provide much better value throughout the tournament.

As far as individual matches are concerned, it could be worth checking the Handicap, Total Games, and Set Score markets; they might be slightly more risky, but the odds will often make them a far greater prospect.

Meanwhile, betting of Winner of Quarter markets can also offer a much better alternative to the standard Tournament Winner outcome as it is a shorter investment and also has a means your selection only has to reach the last four. Granted, you won’t get the same odds as winning the whole event, but it can often be a great option if you fancy an outsider to perform well at the Grand Slam.

Ultimately, if you are going to put in the effort with research, it makes sense to browse the different types of bets available.

In-Play betting on The French Open

The majority of matches at Roland Garros will have in-play betting and be live streamed by the top online bookmakers and the chance to monitor and bet accordingly on events in real time should give punters a fantastic opportunity to claim some worthwhile rewards.

Tennis is a volatile sport with each service game carrying immense importance. Prices can fluctuate dramatically throughout the course of a set or match, which will inevitably lead to some fantastic In-Play value surfacing.

Roland Garros should be the source of immense entertainment over the two weeks and watching the action will keep us entertained for sporting reasons alone. However, we’re never one to turn down profit and the In-Play markets are an absolute goldmine if you judge it right.

Patience is a virtue and not every match will provide an obvious bet. They will come, though, make sure you’re ready to take advantage.

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