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How many times have you placed a bet only to realise 10 minutes into the action that you’ve made a truly horrendous mistake? Well, thanks to In-Play betting, those errors can now be a thing of the past.

Even if you are unfamiliar with In-Play betting, it’s a concept you’ve more than likely seen at some point. And for good reason; the function of live betting has completely overhauled the way punters look at online gambling and gives customers yet more control in the bid to beat the bookie.

In-Play betting not only allows punters to wager on an event which has already it started, it additionally offers the opportunity to monitor the action before making a calculated decision on where the smart money should be placed.

Advantages Of In-Play Betting

in-play bettingRelatively speaking, the bookies rarely price things horrifically on pre-match markets – particularly on the biggest sporting events. That’s no to say that punters can’t find value, but the more volatile nature of In Play betting certainly increases the chances to capitalise on poor pricing.

If you take football as an example, there are many games where the odds-on favourites race into an early lead before taking their foot off the gas during the latter stages. Situations like this offer a fantastic opportunity to make money on events that would be far too risky as a pre-game stake and there are various other markets across a whole spectrum of sports that are equally open to offering value that’s rarely replicated prior to the event starting.

Moreover, if you are using a bookmaker that offers a Cash Out option, then you can not only place the bet after it has begun, you can also collect a return before it has concluded. This gives punters a huge degree of control, which has surely got to be a positive factor.

In-Play Betting Console

Several bookmakers offer the live betting service and many provide fantastic In-Play betting consoles to help punters monitor the action. These features often show crucial information such as shots, corners, and dangerous attacks and are an extremely handy tool for casual and serious gamblers alike.

Better still, sports betting sites additionally stream thousands of live events every year, which gives you an even better opportunity to judge the action and decipher where best to wager your funds.

Sport is unpredictable: that’s why we love it. However, most events tend to follow trends and spotting them courtesy of the In-Play betting console can really boost a punter’s chance of long-term success.

It’s not only patterns regarding the overall play that can be exploited for huge profits either. Using football as the example once more, you may spot that a defender has been pushed forward into midfield, meaning that his odds aren’t a true reflection on his chances of scoring. Seeking value in this manner is another method that can bring punters huge rewards.

The key to becoming a successful gambler is analysing probabilities to spot value in the market. It only makes sense then that more available information equals increased chance of success. Live betting, especially when teamed with live streaming or in-play betting stats, is the best way to get an edge over the bookie and can result in huge rewards for masters of this discipline.

In the words of Ray Winstone: “It’s all about the In-Play”.

Live In-Play Betting Bookies

A number of online bookmakers offer live betting service, here are three of the best:


Whilst there are more advanced streaming and match coverage systems available elsewhere, the unique setup of Betfair ensure that the exchange site is a brilliant option for punters looking to capitalise on In-Play betting.

The option to ‘lay’ as well as ‘back’ selections is a clear winner. You might require another service to monitor the action but, as far as betting is concerned, Betfair is a clear favourite.

William Hill

A great option for those who like a punt on the move as William Hill’s app is one of the best in the industry.

William Hill cover an extensive range of events, offering plenty of different markets as well as the option to follow the action via a reliable and responsive in-play console on browser or mobile betting app. Cash Out features are another bonus.

With selected matches offering over 100 markets to bet on, even the most ardent punter will be entertained.

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