Sky Super 6

Sky Super 6

sky-super-6Introducing Sky Sports Super 6 – a FREE football predictions game created by Sky Sports that can net you a gigantic £100,000 prize if you can correctly choose 6 correct scores from a weekly list of football matches. This sounds like a tough job, but to keep you interested, Sky guarantee a £5,000 prize to the highest points scorer each week.

So do you fancy winning yourself a nice cash prize? Here’s our complete guide to this fantastic competition that has football fans all over the country foaming at the mouth.

Playing Sky Super Six is free

First things first you need to get registered to enjoy Sky Sports Super 6. That’s as simple as filling this form in and entering a few details.. They need to know who you are to contact you when you’ve made your fortune! Once this is done you’re ready to start making your picks.

If you already have a Sky Bet account then all you need to do to play is log in with your existing Sky Bet user name and pin, things can’t get much simpler than that!

Making your picks

This is where your football knowledge comes into play. All that is required of you is to predict correct scores for the six games selected by the Sky Sports Super 6 team to be in with a chance of winning £100,000.

As mentioned earlier, don’t fret if you fail to predict all six results correctly – If nobody gets all 6 matches correct then £5,000 will be given to the player with the highest score of the week.

The games selected for the Sky Super 6 competition will be selected from any UK league, which may also include Scottish Premier League and International games. Make sure your picks are entered before the start of the first game though, you don’t want to be cursing your bad timing after checking you’ve scored a huge amount of points!

You will also be asked to enter your ‘Golden Goal’ time. This is used as a tiebreaker method if there is more than one winner of the weekly prize. The ‘Golden Goal’ is your prediction of the time of the first goal to be scored within the 6 matches.

How your points are calculated

This competition is all about goals, and knowing exactly where they are coming from. The ability to pick a winner is also a huge plus, so seasoned football punters should be licking their lips at this!

You get 2 points for correctly choosing the outcome of a match. For instance if you predicted Liverpool to win 2-1 but they actually win 2-0 you will score 2 points. If you got the score right too then you will receive the maximum of 5 points.

Results – The important bit

This is where your knowledge and skill are possibly converted into cash!

The maximum score you can get in any one game is 5 points (2 for a correct score or 5 for predicting the correct score). As mentioned above, if you tie at the top of the leaderboard, your ‘Golden Goal’ time becomes the deciding factor.

Once the action is done and dusted you can check on your results and how they compare to the rest of the league by clicking ‘My Account’, which will also show you where you stand in the monthly and all time rankings.

Now you have all the details, open a Super 6 account, put your feet up and watch Soccer Saturday with the intention of bagging a cool £100,000….. For free!