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X Factor Betting Live Show Saturday Odds Bets & Tips

Live show Saturday 8th October
Live on ITV 1

Visit LadbrokesWe have reached the stage in this years competition where it is now partly down to the public vote.. The live shows. All contestants have gone through the first auditions, boot camp, and the judges houses. Now it is down to us! Here we will review the strongest contenders and the no-hopers and try and give out some decent tips!

Current Ladbrokes X Factor odds (correct at time of writing)

Janet Devlin 7/2
Amelia Lily 7/2
Frankie Cocozza 8/1
Sophie Habibis 12/1
Misha Bryan 8/1
Marcus Collins 12/1
James Michael 8/1
Craig Colton 16/1
Nu Vibe 14/1
The Risk 16/1
Sammi Brooks 33/1
Johnjo Kerr 25/1
Kitty Brucknell 40/1
2 Shoes 40/1
Jonny Robinson 50/1
Rhythmix 40/1

We wont bore you with a profile of each singer/group but we will put all the contestants into 3 categories and a short description of what we think. Strong contenders, no-hopers, and the rest.

Strong Contenders

Janet Devlin. A 16 year old Irish girl with flamy red hair. Bundles of talent, yet very nervous. Fits all the criteria but nerves may get the better of her.

Amelia Lily. Another 16 year old with the look of Christina Aquilera. A very strong voice with no visible flaws. Seems to be able to handle her nerves when in front of the camera.

Frankie Cocozza. Nowhere near the best singer in the competition but oozes the X-Factor. Girls love him, he’s cheeky and he does have a great pop voice. Likely to go very far on the ladies vote. Can he win though? We don’t think so.

Sophie Habibis. A lovely jazzy tone to her voice. Lacks a bit of self belief but if she gets over it is likely to be a major player.

James Michael. Another that will appeal to the female fanbase. A very original voice which will appeal. Will not have as many followers as Frankie though.

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Jonny Robinson. A forty something who can hold a note, but is a bit too out there. May well get through the first week but unlikely to get any further.

Kitty Brucknell. Strange! For every 1 that likes her, there will be 2 that don’t. Wants it too bad and comes across as somewhat desperate. Could be out in the first week.

Sammi Brooks. Eliminated at the judges house but got a reprieve when oddball Goldie withdrew. A strong voice but maybe a bit of an old fashioned style. Unlikely to last more than a couple of weeks.

2 Shoes. A couple of Essex Girls who are bound to be annoying. The novelty factor will wear thin very soon.

Rhythmix. A mish mash of sounds with attempted harmonies which will go wrong under the lights.

The Rest

Johnjo Kerr. Likely to go a bit further than his actual ability as he is a soldier and will have fans because of his background.

Misha Bryan. Very talented but over confident. Will not get enough of the public on her side. Fantastic raps mixed with her lyrics will see her go far but not far enough.

Craig Colton. Scouser with a fantastic voice. Will strike some as not having the look of an X-Factor winner. If this was judged on voice alone he would be a serious contender. Unfortunately for Craig it’s not.

Marcus Collins. Another with a nice voice but sounds very samey. Will possibly get a bit boring to listen to.

The Risk. Only put together after both of their previous groups were eliminated at the judges house stage. Nu Vibe are better.

Nu Vibe. Probably the best of the groups and will get the furthest of them. However the boy and girl categories are much stronger.

Our Tips

Frankie Cocozza 8/1 with Ladbrokes

Sophie Habibis 12/1 with Ladbrokes

Each Way bet

Johnjo Kerr 25/1 with Ladbrokes

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