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Tottenham Hotspur Latest Transfer News On Gareth Bale

Tottenham_hotspur_logoThere are plenty of transfer rumours surrounding Tottenham’s star striker Gareth Bale, but the first problem Real Madrid has is that spurs have placed a ridiculous price tag on Bale of £105 million pounds. Real Madrid’s Coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke with the club president Florentino Pérez and announced that he will not be considering Bale in his plans this season.

After Real Madrid’s last game against Inter Milan Carlo Ancelotti said “Why talk about Bale when Jesé Rodríguez and Alvaro Morata have both played so well. They are young but incredibly talented.”

Not to mention they already have one of the best players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo who has proven himself in the run up prior to the start of the season. He scored 6 goals and is looking to be in great form, Ronaldo runs the shots on the pitch for Real Madrid and has stated that he is aware of the talks surrounding bale and commented “I have my views, but I am not going to share them publicly.”

Real Madrid supporters have been questioning the price of Bale and have reportedly said that they should pay no more than £60 million pounds for him, as the players appear to disagree with the chance of another expensive acquisition.

Bale has also been causing some commotion within his International club prior to their friendly against Republic of Ireland on Wednesday. Wales Boss Chris Coleman drew attention to the player when he announced that Bale would be unfit to play due to a foot injury, Coleman said, “Looking at his history over the last two or three weeks his workload has not been good at all”.

“So for him to go into an international against a tough team like Ireland would be dangerous, we respect Tottenham and have a good relationship with them and we decided before he got here that it was too much of a risk.”

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