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Introducing Jack Ellis: Sport Writer And Football Tipster

Here is the bio of Jack Ellis, one of our new sports writers. The young Essex Boy certainly knows his stuff when it comes to football, tennis and golf, and as well as bringing valuable information to the table, he offers his own brand of humour and sarcasm.

With Jack you get the best of both worlds. A very good sporting knowledge, and great writing skills. He loves nothing more than spotting a nice value bet and making them available to the TVBet readers. Here is a short introduction from the man himself:

Hailing from the mean streets of Billericay, Essex, I turned to gambling after getting myself into money troubles following a Maynard’s Wine Gum addiction (Other firm, chewy pastille-type sweets are available).From a young age I was always looking for new ways to make money, and enjoyed predicting the football scores every Saturday, I find that if you do your homework, it’s a much better way to gamble than chucking loose change into a fruity per say.However, after numerous failed accumulator attempts occasionally bookended by a tidy win, I found backing the shorter odds with a bigger stake would prove more profitable, gone were the days when I would stake £1 on a ten-fold which promised early retirement.

My advice to any budding gamblers would be to do your research but don’t be afraid to act on instinct at times, and ultimately your daily/weekly/yearly aim should simply be: POST PROFIT.

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