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Introducing Bundesliga Ben – Resident German Tipster

BundesligaWe are happy to announce that Team TVBet have acquired the services of German football expert Ben Homer.

Ben will be writing weekly German Bundesliga betting articles, beginning this weekend. He has kindly sent us a little bio of just how successful he is, and we look forward to our readers profiting from his betting advice:

Name: Ben Homer
Age: 21
From: Newcastle
Supports: Newcastle United

Strangely my interest in German football cropped up around 4 years ago when I went for a job interview. I was asked if there was anything I regretted not doing, and it was not doing German at school as I was very good at it.

After this I started paying more attention to German football, mainly the Bundesliga at first. I spent around a year and a half watching it before I decided to start predicting it/making bets etc.

When I first started betting, I was only staking the odd £10 or £20 every week on 1 game, until I joined a social media betting group which taught me how to maximise profits. I learnt about different markets including asian handicaps and adopted them into my strategy of betting on the Bundesliga.

Since May last year, I have increased my betting bankroll significantly and have made just over £80,000 profit, around £45,000 of which is purely from my Bundesliga bets alone. My strike rate is well over 60% for the season, as well as hitting a number of high odds shots (e.g Hamburg at home to Hoffenheim in December were HUGE at 4/1 a few days after the Hoffenheim manager was sacked!)

I do all of my research in my spare time when I’m not at work (I currently run a website), and try to get as much information as possible from various sources.

I will always advise what level stakes I would place e.g small, medium, large, and how much I have staked for reassurance.

I have also spent the last season trying to research lower leagues as well, especially the U19 league as there is an insane amount of value that can be found. Any bets I have I will post within a weekly write up I will be doing. My Twitter is @bundesligaben and will be doing various posts on there too, so follow me for all the latest updates!

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