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How To Win At Betting – Lesson 3 – The Importance Of A Betting Bank And Staking Plan

Become a winnerA staking plan is overlooked almost all of the time when it comes to betting, which is an absolutely huge error that will cost you fortunes over the years, whether you think so or not.

You simply need to follow some kind of code when you are betting. This helps to both maximise profits, and minimise losses. If there is no rhyme or reason to how much you bet on any given selection then you are destined to fail. Fact.

Now I’m afraid that there are far too many staking plans on the market to explain them all in a blog post, it would take me weeks. But what I will say as a very important point is that if you are serious about making money from betting on a regular basis, or try to at least, then you must have a betting bank.

A betting bank isn’t what’s in your pocket when you finished work, or a spare £50 in your bank account that you could throw on a bet on a Saturday afternoon. A betting bank is just that. It is a specific amount of cash that you have available that is separate from all other incomings or outgoings.

If you don’t yet have a betting bank, get one. Stop betting now and don’t place another wager until you have it in position. Betting is all about money management and discipline and you will never get anywhere if you bet purely based on the amount you have in your pocket/bank account.

Let’s say you have a betting bank of £500. To preserve this amount, I would suggest staking no more than 5% of your total bank on any one bet.

In terms of actual staking plans, I prefer to use percentage of bank stakes. It is a low risk plan as your stakes will decrease in the event of a loss, and increase as you are winning, thus protecting you from complete loss of your total bank.

Once again, I must explain that if you enjoy just the occasional punt on an accumulator on a Saturday afternoon, or the odd pocket change bet here or there, carry on as you are. Betting this way is great if you are just in it for a bit of fun, in the hope of the occasional payout. These tutorials are aimed at the people that would like to step up to the next level and try to secure regular profits from betting.

I might be boring you with the same words over and over again, but discipline and staking go hand in hand. If you are missing one of these factors you are going to seriously going to struggle, if you are missing both then you are doomed to fail.

Get a betting bank together and treat it respect. Nurture it and protect it, and you may be able to make this game pay.

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