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How To Win At Betting – Lesson 1 – Singles For Dough, Accas For Show

Being successful at something takes a lot of effort and discipline. If you think betting with continued success is any different, think again.

If you are reading this article then it’s already safe to assume that you enjoy having a wager. What you now want to know is how to win on a regular basis, right?

I have to stress again that there is no easy route to betting success. But if you are willing to learn the ropes and take in the information that I will convey to you over the coming weeks/months, there is no reason why you can’t make regular profit from sports betting.

As this is my first post of many covering the topic, I’ll start at the very beginning. Running before you can walk when trying to make money in any field will only end in failure.

On that note I’ll start with multiple bets. Multiple bets are the so-called ‘Hollywood’ bets which involve a large number of selections, and offer a potentially huge return in return for relatively small stakes. FORGET ABOUT THEM.

These bets are the ones that have the bookmakers rubbing their hands together.

When you walk into a high street bookmaker, why do you think multiple betting slips (Lucky 15, Yankee, Patent, Heinz, Goliath and so on) are brightly coloured, displayed directly in eye view and more or less begging to be looked at? Because they are huge money spinners.

Look a bit lower. Tucked away on the shelf is a normal, plain, boring betting slip. Essentially it’s a blank piece of paper. This is the bit of paper that the bookies DON’T want you to use, so make it as unattractive as possible.

If you placed a multiple bet every Saturday for two years, for the same stake, I can almost guarantee you that you will have lost money over that period. If you haven’t you have been very lucky. But if you carry on doing this kind of bet, the end result will be exactly the same. Lining the bookies pockets with your hard earned cash.

The moral of this rant? Stay away from multiple betting if you want to get serious and start actually winning at betting.

“Singles for dough, accas for show”!

Betting on a single outcome only is a must to sustain your betting bank and maximise your chances of winning. One horse, one football match, one boxer, one golfer… You get the gist.

It’s basic betting knowledge that the more selections you group together, the higher your chance of losing. So if you are just beginning your path to betting success, give them dreaded multiple bets the heave-ho. Immediately.

Think singles. One at a time.

Here’s a simple example of just how much the odds are stacked against you when you start betting on accumulators:

A football match has 3 possible outcomes. Before odds are taken into consideration, you have a 1 in 3 chance of your selection being the correct one.

Place a 4 team football accumulator. There are 81 possible outcomes. Yet you have placed your money on just 1 of these being the winner. Doesn’t sound as appealing now does it.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to hit the bigtime with every bet placed. Over time this will just leave you feeling deflated and disillusioned with yourself and betting in general.

If you are happy doing the odd accumulator or multiple bet on a Saturday afternoon that is absolutely fine, betting for fun can be exciting and enthralling. But if you are planning to win at betting in the long term, go back to basics and bet on one thing at a time. This in itself will not guarantee you regular profits, but nonetheless it is a very important lesson to be learned.

In my next post, I will talk about the importance of implementing a staking plan, and specialising in a particular field.

The next post will be published on Saturday 30th June.

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