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In the minefield of betting on sporting events with big fields or a large number of possible outcomes, it can be very difficult to make just one selection and pin all of your hopes on it. This is where dutching comes into play and can be an invaluable way to bet.

Dutching is the term used for betting on more than one selection in the same market in order to maximise your chance of getting a winner and making a profit. Whether it be backing two or more horses in a race, correct scores in football, golfers in a tournament or any other sporting event that has more than two outcomes.

Deciding how much to put on each selection could become confusing if you don’t have the right tools available to you, which is why we have made a dutching calculator to do all the hard work for you.

If you tell our dutching calculator how much you want to spend on a particular market, it will tell you exactly how much you will have to stake on each selection in order to make an equal profit on all selected bets.

Here is a completed example of our online dutching calculator (the real one is at the bottom of the page) with an explanation of exactly how to use it:

Dutching Example
1) Firstly you have to enter your stake. This is the total amount you want to bet on the event, not the amount you want to bet on just one selection.

2) Under the ‘score’ heading you can delete these numbers and put in the names of your selections, or numbers, or anything you would like to make it simpler for you. The example above shows correct scores in a football match that I was dutching.

3) Under the ‘decimal odds’ heading you just have to enter the odds of all the selections you are backing.

4) Once you have filled in all of the odds for your selections, the ‘stake amount’ heading will tell you exactly how much of your stake you have to place on each selection in order to make an equal profit on all outcomes.

5) The calculator is showing you that all winnings are equal.

6) ROI %. This shows you how much profit you make in the form of a percentage should one of your selections win

7) Finally the important part…. How much profit you will make in hard cash.. In this example we staked £100 and made a profit of £101.20, making the whole dutching bet pay total odds of 2.0 (even money)

Below is the online dutching calculator for you to use at your leisure. Have a play with it, and before you know it, it will become a priceless tool for helping you make regular profits on your favourite sports.

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