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Novelty and special bets are something TVBet are very keen to promote and explain. It’s an area of the betting world that is very under emphasized, but can be very lucrative.

What are novelty and special bets?

Novelty bets are topical bets offered by bookmakers on a broad spectrum of events that are in the public eye, such as:

  • Politics (Next prime minister, local elections etc)
  • Television shows (Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, Dancing On Ice etc)
  • Weather
  • Award ceremonies (Sports Personality of the year, The Oscars etc)
  • Royalty Specials ( Next monarch, year of Harry’s marriage etc)
  • Stock market

What is the appeal?

Novelty bets create excitement and add extra spice to normal everyday occurrences. How many of us begin to watch a TV talent show and have instant opinions on who will win? In Britain we are obsessed by the weather. Why not be able to profit from it?

How can it be lucrative?

Because the bookmakers are NOT experts. With sports betting bookmakers employ experts who analyze all known information about an event and price up the market accordingly.

Novelty bets are largely based on personal opinion. It is impossible for bookmakers to make very accurate predictions, and therefore make mistakes when offering odds. Here at TVBet we pride ourselves on our ability to spot generous odds when it comes to novelty betting. We aim to give you the best possible information in order for you to profit from special and novelty bets!

Which bookmakers offer novelty bets?

All of the bookmakers we work with on our site offer novelty markets via their desktop and mobile betting apps to a certain degree however through our research we have found the following sites to have the best coverage:

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