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30 Minute Limit Tips 5th/6th December: The Bet Every Impatient Punter Loves

Penalty kickWith news of Betfred creating a new bet called ’30 minute limit‘, I’ve decided to have a crack at it, considering I’m a stats man.

The bet itself couldn’t be simpler. Choose from a number of games on the coupon which matches you think will have a goal scored before the half hour mark. It doesn’t matter which team scores it, all we need here is a goal to be scored before the clock hits 30 minutes.

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There are a number of ways to approach this bet from a statistics angle, but all will become clearer as I get more experience with the bet, and the teams which contribute well to it.

Here are Wednesday’s selections:

Barcelona v Benfica 7.45pm

Barcelona stats:

  • % of goals scored in first 30 minutes – 30.9%
  • Average time of 1st goal scored (home) – 29 minutes
  • Average time of 1st goal conceded (home) – 29 minutes

Benfica stats:

  • % of goals scored in first 30 minutes – 24%
  • Average time of first goal scored (away) – 24 minutes
  • Average time of first goal scored (away) – 16 minutes

The stats show that Benfica like to get involved early, and they will need to here, as they need to better Celtic’s result at home to Spartak Moscow.

Barcelona score a third of their goals in the 1st half hour, making it look a pretty good selection for there to be at least 1 goal in this time period.

FC Copenhagen v Steaua Bucharest 6.00pm (Thurs)

FC Copenhagen still have a fighting chance of qualification for Europa League group E, and they face group leaders Steaua Bucharest in their final game. The stats for a goal in the first 30 minutes look amazing for this game

  • FC Copenhagen have scored within 30 mins in 3 of their last 5 games
  • Steaua have been involved in 6 consecutive games in which a goal has been scored within half an hour

Both teams will be going for the win as it’s still possible for either one of these teams to be eliminated.

Lyon v Ironi Kiryat Shmona 8.05pm (Thursday)

Israeli side Ironi are bottom of the group and have no chance of going through. Lyon have already won the group.

4 of the 5 games Ironi have played in the Europa League have seen a goal scored before the half hour mark, and it would be no surprise to see Lyon compound their doom by beating them by a good few.

3 correct selections pays 4/1 odds at Betfred

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